Glass Railing for a Staircase

Do you know this feeling? You are having the repairs made. You have been thinking for a long time what should be the design of the staircase. Finally, you have chosen the best design of the stairs. However, now it seems that any railing spoils their appearance. But a staircase without fencing is too unreliable. In this case, glass railing can be very useful.

The main advantage of glass is a combination of neutral transparency, lightness, weightlessness, and brilliance. If you use glass as a fencing material, your staircase will not become bulkier. You will be able to focus on the beautiful steps, and the almost invisible railing will not attract too much attention. The glass fencing will always look elegant and fit into any interior.

It is much easier to find the right height of the railing if it is transparent. You do not have to sacrifice security by making fencing lower in order to increase the visible space. Even if the glass railing is very high, it will never hide the view.

If you do not mind adding bright colors to your life, the possibilities of modern glass can help you to do it. The glass railing can be made of glossy, textured or frosted laminated glass. At the same time, it can be in different colors. Invent unique patterns and drawings for your staircase, because colorful glass looks beautiful.

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