Restoration Glass

You may have noticed the difference between modern glass and glass, made, for example, in the 17th century. Previously, glass was produced by another technology and by hand. For this reason, you can find waves and defects, such as bubbles, in the mouth-blown glass.

Old houses, which are the sights of historical importance, look much more naturally with old glass. Modern smooth and even windows can fall out of the picture. There are other situations when it is exactly the old glass that is in demand. For example, it can be very useful when creating an interior or an exterior in the old style. The mouth-blown glass has its special aesthetics. The objects reflected in gain bizarre forms: the straight lines bend, and the proportions change. The same thing happens when you look through this glass.

The restoration glass is made by hand using old technology. Each irregularity or defect of such glass can be considered its unique feature. There are different degrees of curvature of the glass surface. It depends on that which century you want to imitate, or simply on your preferences.

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