Custom Window

Although the window is a fairly standard component of almost any building, it can have a very unusual appearance. The window is a classic element of a residential and non-residential building, which is necessary for airing the room and daylight penetration. However, not only...

Windows can be a real decoration and highlight of the building. Their uniqueness can be determined by the unusual shape or opening system, location, and of course, the color and other characteristics of the glass itself.
Colored Windows
Colored Windows
From the point of view of practicality, windows can also perform such an important function as sun protection. There are several ways to create such protective windows. This may be toning, applying a mirror coating or using special films. The mirrored windows also provide privacy inside the building. Such properties are very useful when creating glass facades.

Frosted windows may be used in some individual cases. They will not give the opportunity to see the environment, but they will protect you from excessive sunlight and curious glances.
Frosted Window
Acid Etched Window
Huge possibilities for window decoration are provided by glass coloring. Colored windows look very original and give a positive and cheerful appearance to any building. They also partially protect from the sun. It should be borne in mind that the room also acquires a delicate shade of window glass.

Stained glass is an incredibly beautiful decoration of both the exterior and the interior of the house. There are many techniques of making stained glass, each of which allows creating unique and inimitable works of art.

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