Facet Mirror Tile

Mirrored surfaces can significantly improve the room. They look sophisticated and can visually change the shape of an apartment, save electricity on lighting, and so on. For this reason, mirrors are often used in the interior design of residential and commercial premises.
A Wall  Decorated With the Facet Mirror Tile
A Wall  Decorated With the Facet Mirror Tile
A mirrored wall is an example of the successful use of a reflective surface. There are two main options available for the decoration of the walls: a solid sheet of a mirror, or a mirror tile. A solid mirror wall is usually present in sports and choreographic institutions and has a specific practical purpose - it is intended to provide people to see themselves well. If the mirror finish of the wall is going to perform an aesthetic function, it is better to use a mirror tile. Small mirrors are much easier to mount on the wall. In addition, this method lets you experiment with the shapes of tiles and design.
Facet Mirror Tile for a Kitchen Backsplash
Facet Mirror Tile Backsplash
The mirror panel is a composition which consists of separate mirror elements. It may be a mosaic, which consists of rectangles, triangles, or rhombuses. It is possible to combine different shapes of tile. The main purpose of the panel is to combine individual elements into a single picture. There is no necessity to hide the joints between the tiles. If one cut the chamfer at the edges of the tile, it will create a sense of volume and beautiful refraction of light. Facet is able to emphasize the attractive shape of the tile and to create a tangible texture of the whole mirror.

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