A Glass Top for a Dining Table

Dinner is a time of rest and pleasant communication with close people. The cozy interior helps to feel as comfortable as possible when you are having a warm family feast. The appearance of the dinner table is also important. Glass tabletop will be a real decoration not only of the table but also of the room as a whole.
A Mirrored Top for a Dining Table
A Mirrored Table Top
Glass is resistant to various mechanical effects that may occur during a meal: it is not afraid of scratches from a knife or fork. Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures and shock. In addition, the glass does not absorb dirt and moisture, so it is very convenient to maintain.

Such a table is able to give a feeling of spaciousness and light, thanks to the transparency of the glass. The item placed under the table will be clearly visible. If the table is large, you can place statuettes or other decorations under it.

The glass table top can be made in any color. Glass can be transparent or obscure, depending on your desire. You can also use different types of mirrored coating.

There is no restriction in the shape of a glass tabletop. You can choose a square, rectangle, oval, circle, various polygons, or any other shape to order. You can also order glass of any size, shape, and texture for any purpose.
A Transparent Glass Table Top
A Dining Table With a Glass Table Top 

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