Colored Mirrored Cabinet Doors

Are you searching for an original wardrobe? Let's experiment with color!
The largest visible part of the cabinet is its doors. It means that it is the element to which you should pay the most attention. Of course, apart from the appearance, the choice of the mechanism type and its quality and the determination of the correct dimensions of the future product are of great importance. But having solved all these important moments, you will see the installed cabinet every day. And most likely, you will pay the most attention to the appearance of the finished product, so the design also plays an important role.
A Colored Mirrored Cabinet
A Colored Mirrored Cabinet
If you have already decided that the cabinet doors will be made of glass or a mirror, the design possibilities are almost unlimited. There is a large number of glass processing methods that can be combined with each other. You can view all these options on our website, or by contacting us. In this article, we will focus on the colored mirrored cabinet doors.

It is well known that a mirror is a glass that has a reflective coating or film. Thus, the mirror, unlike glass, does not let the light in at all. This property is very beneficial when used as cabinet doors, as it allows you to hide the stored items. Like glass, a mirror can be glossy or frosted. The frosted mirror reflects not direct but scattered rays of light. Due to this, it does not create excessive reflections, mirror corridors and does not guide light into the eyes.
The Matte Mirrored Cabinet Doors
A Cabinet With the Matte Colored Mirrored Doors
A glossy or matte mirror can be colored. Reflective colored glass is perfect for decorating the wall of the living room or bedroom. It also serves as an excellent material for the glass mosaic elements. The matt color mirror is a wonderful finishing material. A pleasant glow gives a feeling of airy volume. This material is easy to clean that allows you to use it even in the kitchen.

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