Hydroslide Shower Door

An important feature of sliding doors is that they do not go beyond the limits of their plane during the opening, which is not the case with hinged doors. 
A Hydroslide Shower With a Glass Side Panel
A Hydroslide Shower With a Glass Side Panel
Due to this, sliding doors can be very appropriate in a small bathroom area. Hydroslide Shower Doors is a type of sliding door. In this article, we will look at the distinctive features of this type of shower door.

The Hydroslide Sliding System is suitable for rectangular shaped showers, as these doors are made of flat glass sheets. The shower space can be in a special niche, then the walls of the bathroom will play the role of its walls. If such a shower is installed in the corner of the room, the free edge can be closed with a special glass fence that will make up the wall of the cabin. A metal rail is fastened to the side walls, and the door moves along it.

A Hydroslide Shower Door
A Hydroslide Door for the Inline Shower Enclosure
Most often, this system consists of two glass doors. One of them is stationary. It strengthens the structure, as the metal rail is attached to it. The second door leaf moves freely along the rail. It is worth noting that the Hydroslide System involves special hidden fasteners. They are wheels that move inside the rail, not outside. This trick reduces the number of visible metal elements that visually weigh down the doors.

For safety reasons, the movement of the door is stopped by means of limiters. It prevents hands injuries or breaking of glass. The recessed rail at the bottom of the door provides good protection against water penetration.

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