Mysteries and Riddles: Mirror - Instructions for Use

Many consider geopathogenic zones to be fiction. But this is a scientifically established fact. The energy flows that occur at the site of some anomalies of the earth's crust can cause significant harm to health. An ordinary domestic cat will help to find the geopathogenic zone in an apartment. She will actively avoid the place where the flow passes.

A cat will help to find the harmful energy.
A cat will help to find the harmful energy.

A mirror will help to cope with harmful radiation. Putting it under linoleum or carpet with the reflecting surface down, you can significantly reduce the power of harmful radiation, and sometimes completely get rid of it. However, bio-location experts insist that a mirror also successfully reflects the useful energy coming from space. Therefore, putting “magic glass” with a shiny surface up is not advised.

Smile to Your Reflection

It is known that the optical surface of even the best mirror not only reflects, but also partially absorbs, and therefore (in the opinion of the esotericists) - “remembers” the energy incident on it. Esotericists are convinced that the information “remembered” by the mirror can be radiated and act on our subconscious. There is also a version that man is the only living creature that can recognize himself in a mirror. The mirror is one of the main criteria for our self-esteem. If you do not like your appearance every day, it is difficult to count on a good mood and well-being. Therefore,  you need to smile more often in front of a mirror. And on the contrary -  to approach it in a bad mood as rarely as possible.

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