Textured Glass

Textured glass is a glass that has a volumetric tracery. It is also called a patterned glass. The method of its manufacture can be described in this way: hot glass is passed between two rollers at the temperature of 900 °C. Due to this, the pattern of the roller imprints on the glass surface. This method allows creating a variety of traceries on the glass on one or both sides.

Such glass is widely used due to its positive properties. First of all, it looks very beautiful. There is a wide choice of style and size of patterns. Large patterns will look very expressive and depict specific objects or phenomena. For example, you can create the illusion of a waterfall or water droplets on glass. This method allows depicting reproductions of paintings - it all depends on your preferences. Small patterns will assemble into a general picture and create a pleasant unevenness of the glass surface.

Secondly, the patterned glass has a valuable physical feature. It allows the maximum light in while maintaining the chosen level of privacy or obscuration. By this, it looks like frosted glass. The texture makes the glass less transparent. The degree of dispersion of light depends on the pattern you choose. Thus, while choosing a texture, you should take into account the desired level of privacy.

No matter which pattern you choose, the textured glass will be a delicate and elegant decoration for your home. It is transparent and does not have bright colors, so it looks natural and harmonious with any interior. The patterned glass is often used in the manufacture of doors, furniture, showers, various screens, and fences.

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