Glass and Mirror Processing

Glass of Different Shapes
Manufactured Glass
In the process of the manufacture of a glass product, glass undergoes various stages and methods of processing - from creating a form and processing sharp edges to photo-printing. Despite the fact that there are a lot of glass processing methods, they can be divided into the following main types:

The mechanical type of treatment is based on the abrasive impact on the surface of the glass or mirror. The mechanical method provides cutting, polishing, matting and more.

The chemical type of processing implies the creation of any frosted pattern at the surface of glass or a mirror. It is carried out using hydrofluoric, sulfuric or another active acid, which dissolves this material. This method is also called etching.

The thermal method involves the structural change of the glass surface with a change of temperature. The material is initially heated to 6000 degrees, and then quickly cooled. It makes the glass very durable and stable. Glass can also be hardened in special heated silicon organic liquids. In addition, it is possible to create a textured glass by heat treatment.

UV bonding. This process involves the connection of various glass parts with the use of special glue. In this way, you can even join the metal and glass surface. Because of the influence of "UV" on the adhesive, polymerization occurs, which forms a very strong compound.
Frosted Glass Partition
Frosted Glass

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