Glass Tile

Glass tile in the interior is a modern alternative to traditional ceramic tile, and it has many advantages. It looks great, while it is hygienic, durable, and easy to clean. This tile is made of triplex - tempered laminated glass. It provides safety during work. Such a tile is strong enough, but even if it brakes, the fragments will be not sharp and will not hurt anyone.

The glass tile can be used in the interior of any room, but most often it is laid in the bathroom or in the kitchen. It can be used for walls or floors. For example, you can make a kitchen backsplash of it. The decorative glass tiles in the interior are resistant to thermal effects, easy to clean, not afraid of moisture. These particular qualities make it not only beautiful but also functional. Moreover, the glass surfaces have a very useful property: they are able to visually "push" the boundaries of the room. Thus, the glass tile in the interior can visually enlarge small rooms.

Unique appearance is another important advantage of the glass tile. Glass is transparent and reflective. The reflection coefficient of tinted glass is about 10%. Thanks to these qualities, the surface of the wall, covered with glass tiles, looks differently depending on the viewing angle, creates a barely noticeable reflection and glare patches from light sources.

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