Imitation of Almost Any Material

The glass kitchen backsplash has many obvious advantages. In addition to being sheen, it is resistant to dirt, moisture, fungi, and mechanical damage. But glass has one more property - it can imitate the look of other materials.

 Glass or mirror can be neutral or colored, glossy or matte, smooth and textured. It can also have colored patterns applied in different ways. Photo-printing and color films allow you to put on the glass any desired image. This means that you can paint any desired material on a glass kitchen backsplash.

Tile. It is not necessary to lay out a backsplash of individual tiles. You can apply a tile image on a solid glass sheet. Thus, the installation will be easier, and dirt will not get clogged at the joints. Frosted glass will look like ceramic tile. The joints of the depicted tiles can be highlighted with relief for believability.

Mosaic. If it is possible to imitate tile, then why not depict a glass mosaic? Yes, of course, it will not shine as real, but the installation of such a backsplash will take much less time. Different drawn elements can be distinguished by relief, as is the case with tiles. By this principle, you can imitate a mirror mosaic.

Wood is undoubtedly a very beautiful and practical material. But, unfortunately, it is not well suited as a material for a kitchen backsplash. Wood can deteriorate because of moisture and lose its appearance due to dirt. Moreover, this material is flammable. Therefore, a glass backsplash with the image of wooden panels can be a pretty good solution to this problem. If you use wooden kitchen furniture, such a backsplash will look more than harmonious.

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