Glass Related Funny Stories

Passenger asks the taxi driver:
- Do not you think it's time to wipe the glass?
Taxi driver:
- Why, I forgot my glasses at home.

Conversation motorists:
- In my car for luck, the icon is attached.
- And I have such a puppy on a suction cup hanging on the glass.
- And I  for luck have  brakes and airbags.

Armored Windshield
Armored Windshield
 - Stop, who is going!

- Rain, - said James Bond and began drumming his fingers on the glass.

A "new Russian" is changing the wheel of his 600th Mercedes. A bum passes by and asks:
- Man, what are you doing?
- You do not see I'm taking away the wheel?
The hobo looks around, spits, gets a crowbar, smashes the windshield and says:
- And I, perhaps, will take a tape recorder.

This is How Tempered Glass Breaks
This is How Tempered Glass Breaks
 - Dad, you are called to school!
- What for?
- I broke the glass.
Father went. The next day, the son says:
- Dad, they call you to school.
- What for?
- I burned the chemical laboratory.
Father went again. The next day, the son again says:
- Dad, they call you to school.
- Again, why? I won't go to your school at all!
- Well, that's right, there is nothing to roam through the ruins!

A girl at night goes through the underground transition. She sees a huge man with well-widened hands, stomping towards her. The girl in despair grabs a brick and throws it into the man. There was a clink of glass and the terrible scream:
- What the hell! I can’t bring to my house the third glass!

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